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Sexuality :: Comstock Films: Real People, Real Life, Real Sex
Real people in adult movies ? many of you may find this challenging to believe, but this is a relatively new concept. Starting with all the launch of Redtube.com in 2005, "Real Sex" rapidly became the consumer?s choice over traditional porn which dominated the industry for over century.
Over the last 4 years Australia has become drowned in "reality porn". From Youjizz.com to Porntube.com, there isn`t any end chatting of websites to choose from when looking for amateur adult entertainment. So I decided to complete a streaming bokep lesbian ampe croot little research, only to see what are the fuss was exactly about.
Nearly 25 days and 66 coffees later I had rummaged through all the major websites, taking notes on the way on what was bad and good about them all. What I found was quite surprising. They all lacked the story behind the sex. So similarly there was "traditional porn" that told a tale, but wasn?t real, as well as on the other hand there is "reality porn" that was real, but didn?t tell a tale.
So I lay out on a pursuit to find out whether there were anyone?anywhere making films with both, real people and a tale line. On my travels I only found one company that`s doing it, Comstock Films.
In the content Eyes Wide Open featured inside the July 2007 issue of Oprah Winfrey?s O Magazine, Violet Blue writes: "Comstock Films, maker of high-quality, documentary-style, real-couples videos, aggressively markets to women using the simple tagline "Women love real sex". Director Tony Comstock shows what it really looks like when 2 different people who are in love have intercourse," says Blue. "It`s beautiful?the antithesis of shapeless, boring porn in which everyone is just going through the motions."
Comstock Films produces films about sex ? anything and nothing less. If you want to see the TV repair man walking in on an unsuspecting busty blonde, you might want to look elsewhere. There isn`t airbrushing, no fake orgasms, and definitely no threesomes or orgies for example.
These movies tell a tale about couples that are passionately in love with each other, but that?s not seeking to. Viewers are able to watch these couples grow download bokep abg dipaksa telan sperma together, and learn how they feel about the other through interviews and commentary before watching them make love. This is groundbreaking stuff. The intimacy between these couples is all that matters. No devices or special techniques are essential as Bokep Indonesia Jakarta streaming there are adoring connections relating to the couples in these films. And with your passion, no adult sex toys, Kama Sutra, and even sexy costumes are necessary to intensify the film.
Raw, real sex ? it is precisely what Comstock Films offers? with hot results.
How Real Is Too Real?
Granted, sex without each of the bells and whistles of traditional pornography will often seem just a little dull. Sometimes pornography gets a more wildly sex because it delves into the realm of fantasy. However, I think that it can sometimes be tough to relate to the regular porn films. If a person wants to discover a partner similar to the actors on the latest installment of "Debbie Does Dallas" they will have to start frequenting some pretty questionable night spots.
Real sex also has its mistakes, its missteps, and it is flaws. Not every movement is perfect, sometimes people aren`t moving completely in sync, and frequently the couples are hesitant about being too risqu?. However, as the couples move across the screen, viewers know that while the performances aren`t perfect ? fortunately they are not performers. The imperfections then turned into a large part from the film?s realism, rendering it all the more enjoyable. In this content "Sex Homework" featured in Women?s Health in November 2006, true to life couple Stacey and Bryce download bokep tante ngentot sambil masak said this about one of the Comstock favorites, Xana and Dax, "It?s an actual couple making love. They looked like people we might know and become attracted to. We loved Xana and Dax since they?re an actual couple, with genuine orgasms along with a sincere admiration for the other. We watched it straight through, although we were as tired as usual, there was sex immediately after.
Why Real Life Needs More Real People
75% of most Australian couples we interviewed believed that most pornography movies they had watched seemed fake. They thought that the performers and their orgasms just weren`t believable.
There`s enough pressure already on women and men to have `perfect` sex, so why should the pornography industry promote this unrealistic ideal? With Comstock Films, those who view the movies see people much like them ? imperfections and all.
Not only is this reassuring, but it`s empowering. Seeing someone else with all the same physique or the same desires in the bedroom encourages the viewer to test new things by themselves, to find out themselves like a potential porn star also ? regardless of whether they never pull out a camera.
Choosing Porn That Pleases
People watch adult films for any number of reasons:
* For stimulation ? There isn`t aphrodisiac like watching others have sexual intercourse to set the mood. A hot adult movie will often get a person to a heightened state of arousal before sex ensuring an orgasm during sex.
* For bedroom ideas ? There are many items you can learn from watching pornography. The use of adult toys for example can certainly produce a whole new dimension inside the bedroom. Vibrators, dildos, and clitoral stimulators which can be used in many adult films offers that extra stimulation had to bring your companion to orgasm. Not to mention, these movies showcase an abundance of experience in Kama Sutra and modern sexual positions.
* To enhance intimacy in the relationship ? Couples who watch porn together enhance their intimacy by wearing down the false proven fact that pornography is somehow dirty or deviant.
Porn comes in the variety of shapes, sizes, and fetishes. But the one fetish that hasn`t been explored just as much as couples might like will be the idea of real people having real sex.
Thank goodness for Comstock Films. The documentary style filming produces a viewer feel as though they are peeking in a bedroom, similar to their own, and getting a personal show.
Never intrusive, though often intimate, the actual sex films build a connection with the audience with techniques that the over-glamorized pornography world cannot.
Another Bedroom Scene
The bedroom gets to be a difficult place to navigate when every one of the role models are full of silicone or have extraordinarily large penises. With real people on the screen, real couples in actual life can not only have genuine role models, but also a hot taste products others are doing to demonstrate their partners they care. Sure, real sex might be messy, but it`s real. And that`s what counts.
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